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世界台商總會各洲會員規模逐年擴大,為提供更好的活動及服務,成立台北辦事處 (或稱秘書處)。

台北辦事處由秘書長直接管轄, 設置主任一名,目前主要職能為:

  1. 執行總會長規劃之年度計畫。
  2. 協調各洲分會總會活動事務。
  3. 籌備活動聯繫事項。
  4. 公文擬定,議程準備,會議記錄,照片,錄音,影片收納整理。
  5. 網站更新。
  6. 其他。


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台北辦公室 啟.

WTCC Taipei Offices (Secretariat) Description:

The World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce has established its Taipei office for the purpose of providing member services and event coordination through a centralized location. 

The Taipei office is staffed with managing officers and personnel who work directly with WTCC’s Secretary General.  The main functions of the office consist of:

1.      Assist in the implementation of president’s annual plan.

2.      Communicate and distribute information among various continental and regional members on events and activities held worldwide.

3.      Prepare, coordinate, and assist in WTCC event planning.

4.      Board minute documentation, agenda preparation, official document drafting, and archiving of all WTCC related media records.

5.       Website maintenance and update.

6.      Other secretarial and administrative assistance.

The Taipei office handles a large volume of administrative and coordination requests from members.  Please excuse any service lapse during periods of heavy work load.  We appreciate our members’ continued support, encouragement, and suggestions.

Address:No. 30, Beiping East Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
Uniform numbers:20088279

WTCC Taipei office.

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